Bespoke and luxury private home cinema
design and installation

Enjoy epic entertainment in the comfort of
your home with a bespoke home cinema room


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Bring great cinematic experiences into the heart of your home

We spare no compromise with our private cinema rooms, pairing the very best equipment with a vastly experienced team and the very latest design technologies to create some of the best home cinema spaces in the world.

Virtual reality design

We design each of our private cinema rooms in virtual reality before construction begins, allowing you to walk through your home cinema and see how it will look before we even get started.

Augmented reality proofing

Once the design is ready, we use augmented reality technology to overlay the exact model over the actual space, meaning our calculations can be double-checked and any last minute alterations made as required.

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Luxurious spaces

All of our private cinema rooms are carefully designed to provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to your relaxation time.

Bespoke speaker construction

Building all of our speaker arrays by hand allows us to tailor the system to fit the exact confines and requirements of the room, ensuring a perfect fit.

Market leaders

We have worked on many of the most prestigious and expensive private cinemas in the world, with clients all over Europe and even further afield requesting our services.

Andrew Lucas CEDIA winners

Award winners

Over the years, our home cinema projects and engineers have been recognised for their technical excellence.

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Decades of experience

Your project is in the very best hands. Our team is made up of incredibly talented specialists providing vast knowledge across all aspects of private cinema installation, from acoustic treatment to AV systems integration.

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Unique add-ons

As specialists in the bespoke, we are typically able to accommodate unusual requests in terms of layout, functionality or fitting, within reason. Our design team has an incredible amount of experience and can suggest unique solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.

Home Cinema Construction

Independent from other contractors

By overseeing the entire process ourselves, we can offer an all-in-one service. This eliminates many of the stresses and pitfalls that might hinder a home cinema installation.


Immersive home cinema experience


Dedicated cinema rooms give you the best seat in the house, every time. The personal nature of a home cinema means there are no distractions between yourself and the screen.

home value


As we use the latest state-of-the-art technology in a relatively stable market, you can be sure your home cinema will drastically increase your property’s value should you sell at a later date.

Home cinema speaker configuration


We only provide the very best in audio equipment and, where necessary, will build a completely bespoke system to deliver an unbeatable immersive 3D audio experience.

Immersive home cinema experience


We only select the very best equipment, that we know from experience, performs consistently and reliably – so you can be sure your home cinema will perform for years to come.



We have deep experience across all elements of a private cinema installation, from assessing cabling requirements to acoustic treatment.

multi-purpose space


As well as having a huge library of films at your fingertips, our dedicated entertainment spaces can be used to create unbelievable gaming experiences up on the big screen.


Speaker design


As we build each speaker by hand, we can tailor the system to fit the exact confines and requirements of the room.

4k Projection


Our 4K Ultra-HD projection systems offer amazing brightness and crisp, clear details, allowing you to enjoy the latest films as they were meant to be watched.

Speaker design


Each of our cinema rooms includes powerful subwoofer units to provide that nerve-shredding bass at those pivotal moments during the film when the tension ratchets up.

Acoustic treatment


Our skilled engineers map out your entertainment space in virtual reality and optimise your room to create a perfect audio sweet spot exactly where you will be seated.



We ensure that our rooms are incredibly sound-proof. So once that door is closed, you can turn up the volume all you want without worrying about waking up the kids.


From luxury upholstery that matches the décor to full-motion effects that synchronise with the content on-screen, all of our seats are tailor-made to order.

Our home cinema design process

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation

One of our expert teams will visit to discuss your needs and advise you as to the available options. You will also get to try out a set of virtual reality tours of previous Andrew Lucas home cinema projects.

The Design Stage


The most important part of any home cinema build is the design. In this stage, our team will work out the best possible configuration for your cinema room - based on the dimensions of the room and your preferences.

VR design

Virtual reality modelling

We model all of our home cinemas in VR to validate our design and to provide you with the ability to walk through your prospective home cinema ahead of final sign-off – so you know exactly what it will be like once completed.

Augmented reality proofing

We also create your cinema room in AR, so we can overlay the design over the physical space. As well as letting you walk through the space to see your cinema room in a 1:1 scale, it also helps the installation team know exactly how the room will fit together during the construction process.


Pre-fabrication off-site

We fabricate and extensively test all of our speaker units and equipment racks off-site. This means we can vastly reduce the amount of disruption to your property caused by the installation but also means that any equipment issues are spotted ahead of time and can be resolved before everything arrives on site for installation.


Site installation

Our team is renowned for their attention to detail across all stages of the project.

Calibration and testing

Calibration and commissioning

All systems are programmed and thoroughly tested to ensure everything is working perfectly before the project is signed off. This includes extensive acoustic calibration from our expert audio specialists to ensure that the home cinema performs within the parameters it was designed to achieve.

Project sign off

Project sign-off

During the sign off process, one of our expert specialists walks you through how the whole system works so you can start enjoying your home cinema straight away.

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Client Testimonials

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"...a challenging project,
perfectly executed..."

D Bartoccioni London, UK

"...the only team involved who didn't go over the agreed budget...."

A Palka London, UK

"...complete professionalism throughout the entire process..."

G Giessing London, UK

An award-winning company

Over the years, our projects and engineers have been recognised for their technical excellence,
from lighting and equipment design to innovative home cinema builds.

Mark of Excellence Award Emerging technology

CEDIA 2018 Finalist Home Cinema Andrew Lucas

CES Mark of Excellence Home theatre design Andrew Lucas

CEDIA 2018 Finalist Andrew Lucas London

Mark of Excellence Award Andrew Lucas London

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