Our values

Our core values run through everything we do, from specifying projects and our behaviour on site to how we communicate with our clients and colleagues.


It's a major factor in our success and ensures that we're all working towards the same goal that has always driven us: to makes our customers' lives better.


Amazing service

You can expect all Andrew Lucas employees to be courteous, respectful and approachable at all times. Our ambition is to assist each and every one of you proactively, ensuring that every matter is quickly dealt with and resolved.

Technical expertise

Collectively, Andrew Lucas possesses an unrivalled knowledge of technology and regularly shares this best practice both internally and with our clients and partners. All of our staff are conversant about all walks of technology and can help you with any technical questions you might have.

Clear communication

Conveying information with clarity and conciseness with people from all trades and professions – be them designers, construction workers or end clients – is vital for a project to be a success. Andrew Lucas personnel are able to explain any given situation coherently and suggest solutions that can be easily understood, no matter your technical expertise.

Act with integrity

It is embedded in our DNA to always be open, honest and truthful in everything we do. We always stick to our word and deliver on our promises. We are willing to admit when things don’t go to plan and work with you to resolve the situation.

Excellent team spirit

We help each other out, we challenge one another, we stand accountable for our actions and we don’t leave our team mates behind. All of this helps us to provide top quality work in everything that we do.

Efficient delivery

We’re always looking for new ways to simplify and systemise what we do – by reducing repetition and identifying and removing bottlenecks – so as to provide you with the more efficient service possible. Simply put, we make the most efficient use of our time and that of other partners that we work with.