We take pride in the work that we do, and we always want our clients to love the smart home solutions we install.  Below is a selection of some of the feedback we have received from our projects over the years.



Regent's Park – London

"We chose Andrew Lucas because we were impressed by the company and by the kind of work they’d done. We had fairly detailed discussions with the company and we felt they could deliver what we wanted. We saw that they could provide user-friendly solutions to the items we were looking to cover. 

As a fairly large refurbishment, it wasn’t possible to simply retrofit it afterwards – it needs to be planned and fitted as you’re refurbishing to be able to accommodate the stuff we’ve got in here. Andrew Lucas were good at the planning stage – and then delivered and installed the property’s technology in sequence.

The lights, the music, the blinds – we use them all and we love them all. The lights in particular are infinitely variable and adjustable, but we would hate to live without the multi-room music or the motorised blinds, which we thought were a bit of an overkill at the time but have turned out to be fabulous.

Andrew Lucas were good at dealing with any hiccups when minor things happened along the way. All told, we regret more the things we didn’t do tech-wise, rather than the what we did do. The more you use it, the more comfortable you get with it all and start wanting more of it."

Kenwood – London

Andrew Lucas Testimonials Kenwood

"We desired a perfect family home that brought together the latest residential technology with beautiful interior design, an environment that not only made our lives easier, but allowed us to relax in complete comfort without feeling constantly surrounded by technology.

Our architect recommended Andrew Lucas and, from the outset, they proved that their stellar reputation for bespoke projects is well deserved. The team was sensitive to our specific needs and suggested numerous improvements that would fit in with the way we wanted our home to look and feel.

We were delighted with the thorough approach that was taken in terms of installation. The on-site team was courteous and capable, showing an eagerness to engage with unforeseen issues as they arose during the implementation process and resolving them swiftly.

We are delighted with the end result: a dream home that is perfectly suited to our family’s requirements. The intelligent systems provided by Andrew Lucas London are an integral part of the way the house functions, providing a constant companion for our day-to-day activities.

We are more than happy with the elegant solution Andrew Lucas London has provided and would suggest that anyone undertaking a similar project consider their services; in fact, we intend to work with them again in the future as we construct our next dream home."

A and R Rao

Hampstead – London


For this exclusive project, we only wanted to work with the very best in the trade in order to create a stunning minimalist property where the design and technology work in complete harmony. We selected Andrew Lucas London for their exceptional track record and complete attention to detail. They took on a challenging brief to formulate and implement a technology solution that was entirely sympathetic to the bespoke, minimalist nature of the property. 

Andrew Lucas London’s consultancy and advice proved invaluable during the design process, proposing technology that would dovetail best with the interior design while also adding value to the property development. From the moment they arrived on site to the completion of the project, Andrew Lucas London’s team behaved with complete professionalism throughout the entire installation process. They treated the property with the utmost respect and worked well alongside the other experts to guarantee the smooth implementation of the project. 

From initial conversation to the premium customer support offered post-completion, Andrew Lucas London delivered exemplary service and a willingness to engage with and overcome a variety of design and installation challenges. I would definitely recommend their services for similarly prestigious projects.

G Giessing 


Kensington – London

Andrew Lucas Testimonials Kensington

Andrew Lucas did a great job on this project. They worked with a minimum of fuss to get the job done quickly and efficiently and to very exacting standards. They were the only team involved in the project who didn’t go over the agreed budget.

It is always much more pleasing aesthetically when the evidence of all this technology is tucked away out of sight and it’s just about the viewer and the screen or the interface; Andrew Lucas kept all the wiring and the hardware of the technology out of sight wherever possible.

I have had a number of comments from various people who have come to try out the cinema room and been surprised to hear how small our budget was. The surround sound is fantastic and the quality of the image on the large screen is very impressive. Despite putting it together on a shoestring, the experience is really something. Even with more money to spend, I can’t imagine how we could have done it any better.

It is hard to put a precise figure on the value added by the expert installation of these integrated systems, but my best guess would be that I have added well in excess of a million pounds to the value of the property, which would represent a 400% return on the money I invested in that side of the project.

A Palka


Kenwood Two

Andrew Lucas Testimonials Kensington Two

We appointed Andrew Lucas with a very specific brief, having already had experience of a Savant controlled house in a property abroad. We were delighted with the system they installed which reflected our requirements both locally and remotely and they carried out the planning efficiently, tidily and with care. The Savant system installed controls our heating, lighting, CCTV, curtains and audio visual installation.

The Andrew Lucas staff went above and beyond to ensure our installation was to our satisfaction and we would have no hesitation in endorsing the company or using them again.

T and D Kyte

Private Island

Andrew Lucas Testimonials Private Island

I am very pleased with the work of Andrew Lucas.  My renewed apartment is easy to control; every aspect of it looks stunning. The custom work they have done to achieve their goals is impressive and one reason why I use them on all of my projects. 

The media room is really exciting for me and does not impose upon the design of the space which is always one of my top priorities.  The disc slot is like something out of a sci-fi and the speakers sound really good and actually enhance the lighting around the TV rather than distract from it.

The level of integration that has been achieved is impressive and all of my guests have been wowed by its performance in both my apartment and the guest one.

Private customer


Kensington Two

We have worked with Andrew Lucas for the last four years since we engaged in a major refurbishment project for our house. Since then we have constantly employed Andrew Lucas for several flat refurbishment projects. 

The service rendered and competence proven on the job has been outstanding on all occasions. From an accurate understanding of our needs to extremely reliable planning, specification and budgeting of every project, Andrew Lucas has been very professional and trustworthy and been able to translate the most complex specifications into non-technical language.

We would certainly recommend Wojtek and his team for any major project for private or commercial use.

D Bartoccioni & E Volkova


Golders Green

I have been a regular client with Andrew Lucas since the very beginning and, in the preceding years I have never felt the need to look elsewhere for any of my technology needs, either business or personal.

The service I receive is second-to-none and combined with very competitive pricing I have all I could want in a company that handles a vastly important part of my business. I thoroughly recommend Andrew Lucas.

L Stella



We take great pleasure in acclaiming Mr Zajac for his service and professionalism demonstrated throughout our smart home project. All of the work that was undertaken by the Andrew Lucas team, including proposals, plans, documentation and cost breakdown comparisons were always detailed and presented admirably. 

We are extremely satisfied with the level of work and service that has been provided and highly reccommend Wojtek and the Andrew Lucas team.

Z Wiertelak


St John's Wood

The system installed by Andrew Lucas has greatly improved the quality of our life. We’re thrilled about what the new system accomplishes; it’s not obtrusive and fits within the fabric of one of the oldest surviving buildings in the neighbourhood.

J Ramadan


Rural Cottage

Andrew Lucas installed our systems quickly and efficiently and have provided an excellent support service ever since. They are helpful and knowledgeable and we would not hesitate in recommending them.

M Day 



I invited Andrew Lucas to give a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar to the architects in our office regarding innovative technology and the services and functions of the Savant system. The seminar was a great success; Krystian was extremely knowledgeable about the competing products on the market and the different technologies and services available to make any home comfortable, beautiful, liveable and secure.

The professionalism and experience of the team meant they were well equipped to answer questions and offer solutions to varied problems with ease. We were shown how the temperature, lighting and security of any home can also be remotely controlled from an iPad and the benefits this has on comfort, energy efficiency and safety. With an extensive portfolio of work, Andrew Lucas were able to show us an array of solutions tailored for specific client needs and desires. Andrew Lucas have been successfully engaged on a number of buildings we have designed and we look forward to working with them on future projects. 

A Lamche-Brennan, Charlton Brown Architects