FAQs for home cinema installers

See below for some of the questions we are typically asked ahead of a project

    How much do your home cinemas cost?
    As all of our home cinemas are designed and built as bespoke entities in line with the customer's wishes, prices will vary hugely. As a rough ballpark figure, a basic home cinema installation will usually begin from £100K.
    How much space do I need for my home cinema?
    While a home cinema design can be adapted for multiple sizes of room, the equipment and acoustic requirements for this kind of space mean that we recommend a home cinema room be at least 25m2 (270sq ft), with another 5m2 (54sq ft) as a minimum for rack storage.
    Can I use the cinema for multiple purposes?
    Absolutely. Many of our clients have their home cinemas configured so that they can also be used as gaming rooms, while a couple of clients have even had their home cinema double up as a robust panic room, making it the safest place in the house!
    What areas do you cover?
    We are primarily based in London, but we have worked extensively across Europe and even completed prestigious projects in the Middle East and North America. 
    Will the noise travel to adjacent rooms?
    Depending on the location of your cinema in the house and your soundproofing requirements (and budget), we can design rooms that are highly soundproofed, so you won't have to worry about waking the kids up while watching a late night action film!
    How much time does it take to have a home cinema installed?
    While no two projects are alike, most of our standalone projects tend to be delivered within two to eight months, depending on the project and other parties involved.
    What other trades do I have to involve to help you with the cinema installation?
    We offer a completely comprehensive service, meaning that we can provide a turnkey installation without the need for you to hire additional contractors. Where required, we also work alongside AV installers, architects and electricians to ensure that the home cinema is delivered in line with a larger smart home or building project.

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