Home cinema

The height of entertainment


A dedicated cinema room gives you the best seat in the house, every time. Watch your movie collection in superb quality, or invite your friends over to catch a film in supreme comfort. 

An Andrew Lucas home cinema is designed to meet your entertainment needs, whether you're a film aficionado seeking perfect quality or a parent looking for the perfect homely space to relax in and watch the latest Disney films with your kids.

Phenomenal quality

A great film deserves incredible visuals. Watch your favourite content in 4K resolution with high dynamic range (HDR), treating your eyes to bright, clear, fluid images with startlingly rich colours.

Powerful, vivid projectors

With a latest generation 4K Ultra-HD projection system with HDR support, your viewing experience becomes more beautiful than ever before. Amazing brightness and crisp, clear details.

Sublime screen technology

A high-quality projection screen makes all the difference when it comes to achieving the perfect image, delivering balanced colour and white field uniformity.

Invisible technology

No one wants the magic of the movies ruined by trailing wires and boxy speakers in the background. Invisible technology keeps everything out of sight, so there's nothing between you and your favourite film.

Clever storage solutions

Keep unsightly AV equipment out of sight with a projector hidden in the wall, furniture or a specially constructed bulkhead.

Hidden speakers

Speaker units placed behind an acoustically transparent screen means your home cinema boasts amazing audio quality without compromising an inch on aesthetics.

Audaciously good sound

Sublime highs and rumbling lows that pull you into the action. If you thought sound was only half of the movie-going experience, think again.

Surround sound

Find yourself immersed in sound with a whole-room audio solution. Andrew Lucas can tailor the perfect 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound audio system for your room– so you can experience every detail in perfect harmony.

3D audio

Add another dimension to your home cinema with an added height layer to your audio for all-encompassing sound that makes you feel like you're in the midst of the action.


Each of our home cinemas comes with a powerful subwoofer to create the powerful bassy rumbles that you expect from the multiplex. This can be built into the walls or seating for maximum effect with a minimal footprint.  

You control the atmosphere

It's not simply the AV elements that draw us to the cinema; watching a film is a ritual requiring absolute comfort. We put the power in your hands to create the perfect watching environment for you and your family.


Manage all of your sources – Blu-Ray, Sky Q, Apple TV and many more – from a single interface. No more switching between countless remotes and changing rooms so you can watch a DVD.

Universal remotes

Transform the room in a touch of a button. Turn the lights off, draw the curtains and turn the projector on with a single button thanks to a universal touch screen remote interface designed exclusively for your home cinema.


See your home cinema in VR before construction begins

We design each of our home cinemas in virtual reality during the design process, giving you the opportunity to experience how it will look and feel and suggest any changes you might require.

As well as trying out various finishes, seating options and other elements, you can sit back and experience watching a film as it will be like once the room is completed.


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