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Smart home design for
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A home is an incredibly personal space, and we want our clients to love using the technology that we install. We work with owners, architects, designers and developers in London, the United Kingdom and further afield to deliver technology solutions for exceptional residential projects.

Our Smart Home Services

Andrew Lucas London smart home

CCTV & Home Security

An intelligent security system keeps an eye on your home 24/7, giving you complete peace of mind. We work alongside accredited security contractors to provide high-quality protection across the home, from perimeter protection and access systems to panic rooms and more.

Highbury smart home intelligent skylights

Smart Lighting

Our premium intelligent lighting solutions allow you to easily control your home and ensure that your room is always illuminated according to your mood. Our smart ambient lighting solutions can even realistically simulate your presence you're away to keep your home safe.

Home Entertainment

Distributed video systems that put your entire content collection on any screen in the house comes as standard with an Andrew Lucas smart home, along with perfect audio both inside and out and seamless management of your home's entertainment systems.


Network Design

A vital, yet often overlooked, aspect of any modern smart home is the network it resides on. Needless to say, robust networking forms the backbone of all of our home automation systems, acting to substantially reduces the chances of a cyber attack affecting your property.

Highbury smart home pool spa area

Home Automation

We specialise in premium solutions that automate the management of your heating, shades and other vital environmental systems, making your daily life more convenient and ensuring that managing your smart home is never a chore.

Highbury home cinema room

Home Cinema Room Design

Andrew Lucas has designed and built some of the finest home cinema rooms in the world. Our experienced team of specialist cinema designers and acousticians carefully model the space and consider every last detail before creating the perfect viewing experience in the comfort of your home.

“…a many-headed hydra with projects around the globe…”

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“…the ultimate automated home…”

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"...a luxury design company..." 

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Experience an Andrew Lucas

smart home in virtual reality

Discover our virtual smart home showroom,
either on your desktop or using a mobile VR headset. 

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An Andrew Lucas Smart Home is…


We specialise in smart home security that links seamlessly with the rest of the technology in your home


We put simplicity at the heart of our smart homes with a simple single-app interface that anyone can understand


Our projects are renowned for technology that is entirely sensitive to the design ambitions of the property


We do everything we can to help our clients to make their homes more energy-efficient through green technology


We don’t think most smart homes are all that intelligent; that’s why we’re researching  new ways to make them smarter

An expert in smart home and
home cinema room design, based in London

Andrew Lucas London is an established smart home integrator and home cinema designer, with a track record of delivering projects of superb quality across the world.

Based in South-East England, Andrew Lucas draws on the expertise of specialist smart home designers, acousticians, engineers and an in-house R&D team to deliver smart home and home cinema solutions that are completely tailored to the needs of the client.


Client Testimonials

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"...a challenging project,
perfectly executed..."

D Bartoccioni London, UK

"...the only team involved who didn't go over the agreed budget...."

A Palka London, UK

"...the final product was over and above our expectations ..."

M Tavener (Attol Architecture) London, UK

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We go beyond the smart home

We don’t just specialise in intelligent home technology. Click on the links below to find out more about our bespoke entertainment rooms and virtual reality design services.



We specialise in entertainment rooms of the highest quality. Featuring bespoke 3D audio systems, luxury furnishings and the latest projection technology, our home cinema rooms aren’t just as good as the real thing – they are even better. We also create dedicated VR rooms for residences, along with wire-free movement and powerful surround sound.



Our sister company Andrew Lucas Studios specialises in virtual reality design services for architecture, design and technology applications. We can design your home cinema room in virtual reality so you can sit and watch a film before it is built, or even recreate your property for you in VR so you can experience how controlling your smart home will feel. 

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