Crestron and Andrew Lucas Studios have teamed up for this year’s London Design Week 2017 with an exclusive talk and live demonstration focusing on how virtual and augmented reality can be used as a design, proofing and presentation tool by interior designers.

As well as exploring the various ways that VR and AR are becoming increasingly important tools for many design professionals, the talk will identify trends in the industry and suggest the ways in which interior designers might be able to benefit from these technologies as they continue to evolve.

The event, which takes place at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, will be at 11:00 on Thursday 16 March 2017. The talk will last around 45 minutes and will be presented by Andrew Lucas Studios’ resident VR expert Hamza Abbas, alongside Ben McCabe, editor of residential technology journal Connected Lifestyle.

After the talk, attendees will be able to try out virtual reality for themselves with a number of interactive VR demonstrations showcasing various projects that Andrew Lucas Studios has undertaken. The session will also be followed by an informal lunch, where both Crestron and Andrew Lucas representatives will be on hand to answer any questions and queries.

“More and more professional applications for virtual reality are emerging all the time, and some of the most rapid growth to date has been seen in the architecture and interior design sectors,” says Hamza Abbas. “Our session will show how VR can revolutionise the way we present ideas, putting clients at the heart of a proposed property or interior and empowering them to engage more fully with the design process.”

Crestron will run another session earlier in the week on Wednesday 15 March at 11:30am, which will explain how former Harry Potter stuntman David Holmes had his life transformed for the better by Crestron smart home technology, after an accident left him with C7-level tetraplegia and requiring full-time care. This session will explore how home technology can help disabled homeowners to live independently.

An exhibition of vintage Crestron control products will also be on display throughout the week, with some dating back 20 years. 

Andrew Lucas Studios virtual reality interior designers

Both sessions will take place in Crestron’s showroom on the 2nd floor of South Dome, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. They are free for event attendees and can be booked from Monday 13th February on the Crestron website:

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