With the perfect setting overlooking a world famous city skyline, our client wanted to completely strip their three-bedroom apartment back to its bare bones and remodel it as a luxurious one-bedroom residence with double-height ceiling, providing a spacious, unfettered living experience and respite from the tropical heat.

With its spacious, open-plan layout, this property posed a number of considerable technological challenges. The lighting system needed to be adaptable to any situation and offer the utmost simplicity in terms of control, yet sympathetic to the architecture and able to accentuate its best features.

Colour-shifting ‘jewel boxes’ form a focal point of the property. These stunning units, incorporating RGB lighting panels and low-level LED strips, illuminate the centre of the apartment with an almost limitless range of colours, from soft pastel lighting to vibrant colour washes at the touch of a button.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

A number of interlocking ceiling panels, conceptually based on the sails of a ship, are edge-lined with LED strips to complement the rest of the room with warm, bright washes of light.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

An 8m-high, room-length wall dominates one side of the apartment, with artwork showcased via a number of built-in alcoves. Pin spotlights are used to accentuate these, while LED strips are again used to create a glowing effect across the whole structure.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

An 84” Ultra-HD Sharp display is built into the towering wall, flanked by a set of custom-built speakers that are acoustically isolated from the surrounding joinery through a specially-developed, modular installation system. An articulated bracket was, selected in order to provide access to the television set, while provision was made so that a larger screen could easily be installed in the future if the homeowner desires.

As a final flourish, a Blu-ray player has been stripped back and recessed into the structure, so that the only trace of it is a thin slot for inserting discs. So that the homeowner could change discs at their leisure, a custom robotic finger was created with a solenoid that depresses the eject button and returns the disc when activated via an iPad or Savant remote.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

To minimise its visual impact, technology is placed out of sight as much as possible across the property. Near-invisible speakers and flush-mounted keypads are standard throughout, while several custom units (such as loudspeakers built into the steel substructure of the vanity unit) were shaped to fit the contours of existing fixtures and fittings.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

A guest apartment below, comprised of a further two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room, was also linked with the main system and communication over an Ethernet link. To ensure a universal user experience across both properties, Savant control was extended wirelessly into this area.

One of the downsides to a tropical island retreat is a less-than-acceptable level of reception; Andrew Lucas deployed a mobile signal booster so that both the homeowner and their guests could stay in contact with the outside world at all times.

The sheer amount of technology employed in this project is considerable – 82 individual lighting circuits and 50 motorised shades were specified, as well as an alarm system integrated with the property’s safe, featuring a ‘hold-up’ code that triggers a silent alarm when activated in case of emergency.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

The outside terrace, with its stunning vista of the city skyline, is unfortunately out of earshot of a conventional doorbell. To resolve this issue, the apartment’s door entry system was linked up so that it sounds across the property’s AV system, both inside and out, when a visitor arrives.

A master class in sensitive technology design, Island Retreat is an example of how a property can be exquisitely tailored to make an already incredible property into a dynamic, versatile space that is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside.  


In our client’s words:


I am very pleased with the work of Andrew Lucas. My renewed apartment is easy to control; every aspect of it looks stunning. The custom work they have done to achieve their goals is impressive and one reason why I use them on all of my projects. 

The media room is really exciting for me and does not impose upon the design of the space which is always one of my top priorities.  The disc slot is like something out of a sci-fi film: the speakers sound really good and enhance the lighting around the TV rather than distract from it.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

The speakers sound amazing even when [played] really loud and you can’t tell they are there. I like that I don’t have to see the disc player but can insert one if I want to. The wall is definitely not disturbed by the technology, having been integrated perfectly.

The level of integration that has been achieved is impressive and all of my guests have been wowed by its performance in both my apartment and the guest one.

Andrew Lucas smart home Private Island

What Andrew Lucas has achieved on this project has truly redefined the character of this amazing space. The control system is easy to use and reliable and TrueImage [single touch functionality] is simplicity by definition. The scenes that have been created work to create the mood exactly as the keypad engraving states; they have truly hit the brief on the head with a rather large proverbial hammer. 

The level of commitment and professionalism seen throughout this team’s workmanship is refreshing and it’s always an excitement to see what concepts and solutions they will come up with next.


Technology used in this property:

Distributed video and audio

Intelligent lighting control

Invisible loudspeakers

Custom control panels

Motorised shades

IT network with robust wifi

Connected alarm system


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