When two professionals wanted to build the dream home for their family among the trees of leafy North London, they tasked Andrew Lucas with turning their new house into a homely yet intelligent residence.

As individuals with an impeccable eye for design, the couple were initially reluctant to clutter their new home with too much technology. However, a chance visit to another Andrew Lucas-installed smart home persuaded them that home automation could be tastefully integrated into their plans for the property without compromising on their creative ambitions.

Lighting plays a huge part in creating a welcoming ambience throughout the house: a theatrical reveal of the powder room, led by gently ramping LED strips; horology-aware lighting in the garden that automatically adjusts its settings according to an astronomical clock system.


Andrew Lucas smart home Kenwood


The pool area – with its stunning RGB lighting control and punchy distributed audio – has quickly become one of the most-loved parts of the home. Our clients were unsure whether to include a subwoofer – highly desirable audibly, less so visually – so Andrew Lucas London designed a custom subwoofer that nestles invisibly inside their stylish pool-side sofa and ensures the large, open space has the rich low-end bass that it deserves.



As the rear of the property is south-facing, there needs to be an easy means of controlling the influx of natural light. Installing motorised blinds throughout the property proved to be a huge time-saver for the household and means that they can quickly adjust natural lighting levels and ensure privacy when required.


Andrew Lucas smart home Kenwood


In the master bedroom, the clients wanted a television screen to be hidden out of sight when not in use. Andrew Lucas integrated a subtle motorised system that achieves this seamlessly from both an aesthetic and technical standpoint. The Savant-controlled system triggers two wall panels that slide out and reveal the display; this then extends out on a motorised bracket to the ideal viewing position for watching films while curled up in bed.


Andrew Lucas smart home Kenwood


A family-friendly home cinema came with its own unique challenges. The family wanted a multi-purpose space, filled with natural light during the day but instantly able to become a perfect movie-watching environment. Andrew Lucas resolved this by incorporating a Lutron skylight, which combines with the other technology and lighting in the room to completely transform the ambience in a matter of seconds.


Andrew Lucas smart home Kenwood


Andrew Lucas smart home Kenwood


As the home cinema room needed to double as a family-friendly room, there was no place for copiously visible AV equipment. Acoustically-transparent 100” projection screen and wall panels were selected to hide multiple Bowers & Wilkins speakers and subwoofers out of sight without compromising on performance. To perfect the room’s sound, the space was carefully treated by our expert acousticians to create the optimum sweet spot that delivers sublime aural highs complemented by powerful, rumbling bass.


Andrew Lucas smart home Kenwood


As the couple frequently need to work from home, there is a pressing need for a reliable and secure Wi-Fi set-up in the property. Andrew Lucas attained this using a state-of-the-art Cisco enterprise-grade WAP Controller and WAPs, resulting in a robust network that offers stable roaming.

Kenwood was one of those rare and rewarding projects where, as we gradually introduced our clients to the full potential of home automation, we witnessed ideas taking root and blossoming into something far beyond the initial brief.  The result is the perfect smart home for our clients and their children, which they will be able to enjoy for years to come.


In our clients’ words:


We desired a perfect family home that brought together the latest residential smart home technology with beautiful interior design, an environment that not only made our lives easier, but allowed us to relax in complete comfort without feeling constantly surrounded by technology.

Our architect recommended Andrew Lucas and, from the outset, they proved that their stellar reputation for bespoke projects is well deserved. The team was sensitive to our specific needs and suggested numerous improvements that would fit in with the way we wanted our home to look and feel.


Andrew Lucas smart home Kenwood


We were delighted with the thorough approach that was taken in terms of installation. The on-site team was courteous and capable, showing an eagerness to engage with unforeseen issues as they arose during the implementation process and resolving them swiftly.

We are overjoyed with the end result: a dream home that is perfectly suited to our family’s requirements. The intelligent systems provided by Andrew Lucas are an integral part of the way the house functions, providing a constant companion for our day-to-day activities.

We are more than happy with the elegant smart home solution Andrew Lucas has provided and would suggest that anyone undertaking a similar project consider their services; in fact, we intend to work with them again in the future as we construct our next dream home.


Technology used in this property:


Discreet ceiling loudspeakers

Bespoke user interface on iPads

Bespoke hidden sub-woofer

Climate controlled wine cellar

Motorised drapery

Cinema room

Distributed audio

Lighting accents


Partner brands:





Bowers & Wilkins