Our clients wanted a home that they could settle in, offering all the benefits of an ultra-modern smart home without it being complex or arduous to interact with.

The project saw a beautiful Regency townhouse in the Regent’s Park area completely gutted, extended and renovated from the inside out. Our clients wanted to preserve the stately elegance of the exterior while creating a fresh, contemporary interior that would bring the property into the 21st century. Andrew Lucas worked alongside them to make this a reality, delivering a fully-fledged smart home system that provided the couple with a home they find joyful to live in.



Creating open space and increasing natural light levels were key aims of the property’s redesign; this was particularly important in the open-plan ground floor living area where floor-to-ceiling glass windows let the sun flood in on sunny days. Motorised curtains extend out to cover the living-cum-dining room windows at night, providing complete privacy during nocturnal hours. Meanwhile, smart lighting fixtures for different sections of the room ensure that – even at night time – the room feels bright and spacious.



As well as room-height windows, a motorised skylight has been installed in the ceiling, and can be uncovered at the push of a button to provide a welcome source of extra light for the far side of the room on cloudy days.  




In one corner, an open plan ‘snug’ space is designed as a powerful yet discreet media area, with a 50-inch Samsung flat-screen TV and a premium Bower & Wilkins speaker system installed in the joinery, paired with two in-ceiling speakers situated above the sofa. This allows for a flawless viewing experience without the room being dominated by a home entertainment set-up.



A neat technological feature is the addition of USB sockets next to most plug sockets. Meanwhile, each room has one or more Lutron keypads on the wall, each strategically placed to ensure that there’s always one to hand when required.



The Lutron keypads allow the couple to easily manage the various lighting fixtures around the house, as well as additionally providing control of curtains and blinds so that the room’s environment can be controlled from a single point.

A Control4 platform is used to manage the entire property, with remotes doubling for both home entertainment control and other vital systems such as lighting. While the couple weren’t willing to have several touchscreens on walls around the property, they were keen to manage their home using their mobiles – with multi-room Sonos control for their music a particular benefit.




One of the highlights of the property can be found in the master bedroom, where a light and airy room can be completely transformed with a television that comes down from the ceiling and tilts to the perfect viewing angle, so the homeowners can watch their favourite programmes while wrapped up in bed.




As well as Heatmiser thermostat control, a vandal-resistant BPT entry system has been integrated on each floor to allow the homeowners to see who is at the door, wherever they happen to be in the property. If a known visitor is at the door, they can even let them in immediately rather than make them wait for them while they come and physically open the door.



While from the outside the property looks in keeping with its distinguished surroundings, this property is a technological haven that has been tailored around exactly what the couple wanted from their dream home. Easier to use that a traditional home and sensitive to the interior, Regent’s Park is a testament as to how technology can work seamlessly in a residential environment to make people’s lives easier and more relaxing.


In our client’s words:


We chose Andrew Lucas because we were impressed by the company and by the kind of work they’d done. We had fairly detailed discussions we had with the company, and we felt they could deliver what we wanted. We felt that they could provide user-friendly solutions to the items we were looking to cover.   

Working with Andrew Lucas went well – the installation went very smoothly and we think it came out to a high standard. As a fairly large refurbishment, to be able to accommodate the stuff we’ve got in here, it wasn’t possible to simply retrofit it afterwards; it’s got to be planned and fitted as you’re refurbishing. Andrew Lucas were good at the planning stage – they then delivered and installed the property’s technology in sequence.



The lights, the music, the blinds – we use them all and we love them all. The lights in particular are infinitely variable and adjustable, but we would hate to live without the multi-room music or the motorised blinds, which we thought were a bit of an overkill at the time but have turned out to be fabulous.

Andrew Lucas were good at dealing with any hiccups when minor things happened along the way. All told, we regret more the things we didn’t do tech-wise, rather than what we did. The more you use it, the more comfortable you get with it all and start wanting more.


Technology used in this property:

Distributed video and audio

Intelligent lighting control

Motorised shades

IT network with robust Wi-Fi

Video entry system

Universal remotes


Partner brands:






Bowers & Wilkins

Future Automation