When listening to a recording, it’s a rare occurrence that the quieter moments of a song are as impressive as the crescendo.

With a subtlety not normally associated with dedicated loudspeakers, the Meridian Audio DSP 8000 SE achieves precisely that – incredible audio delivery that provides a rich atmosphere across the board.

The DSP 8000 SE has been designed with the psychology behind the way we perceive music as its central tenant. Standing at roughly the height of a ten-year-old, its sloping back and slender build are designed to mimic the human form in order to transmit audio more realistically.


Quality audio reproduction, no matter the cost


As the crown jewel in the Meridian portfolio, the DSP 8000 SE pulls out all of the stops in pursuit of audible perfection. A rigid construction is vital in order to eliminate as much sonic contribution as possible from the cabinet; this is achieved through a beryllium tweeter dome – seven times more rigid than titanium or aluminium – and by constructing its enclosures using Meridium, a combination of layers of laminated plywood strengthen with a core of aluminium. The result is a complex, powerful sound with excellent accuracy, allowing the listener to discern intricate elements that would pass unnoticed on less precise loudspeakers.


Andrew Lucas Meridian Audio


There are several innovations below the surface that work together to ensure crisp, clear audio delivery. Meridian has included wide-bandwidth analogue electronics to deal better with high-resolution files, as well as built-in upsampling for standard quality formats that the company claims can even correct flaws in original recordings. Additionally, it includes support for MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) files, the high-quality music format supported by Tidal and Sooloos which attempts almost-lossless file compression when streaming.

The unique horizontally-opposed bass set-up consists of six long-throw drivers that are aligned in a way that reduces the amount of vibration in the cabinet. The bass is digitally aligned with the high and mid channels to create a cleaner, more natural sound where all sounds arrive at the ear at the correct moment.


Plenty of power, backed up with precision


These loudspeakers take explosive highs and discreet lows in its stride, seamlessly switching between the two without noticeable distortion. Impressively, the DSP 8000 SE offered excellent clarity across the spectrum – you could imagine it would perform as well in a cavernous hall as the living room of a city apartment.


Andrew Lucas Meridian Audio


The electronics in Meridian’s high-end loudspeakers are rear-accessible; this means that, as the company’s speaker technology evolves, the hardware can be replaced without needing to replace the entire cabinet, allowing your system to remain at the pinnacle of audio technology.

This speaker represents the culmination of decades of audio research from the experts at Meridian – this tells in both the graceful design and expansive performance. For those that can afford it, Meridian’s premium loudspeakers could redefine your home listening experience.