The backbone upon which any connected residence will rest are the links between the various systems that are employed. If poorly integrated, the homeowner could be left with dozens of switches and several remotes in each room, each controlling a different aspect of the home. What’s more, a house that is set up with a traditional wiring system without a central hub will not be optimised for quality and reliability.

Daisy chains and star wiring


There are two main methods by which a home can be connected: by running the cables from one socket to another (daisy-chaining) or running wires from a central location into each room. The former is problematic in several ways, as the more connections the signal runs through, the more the quality deteriorates.

With a star wiring system, each room is independently connected to a common hub. As well as improving overall signal strength, this also eliminates the possibility that the whole house will lose access to the system if one point in the network fails. Adopting this approach also opens up a whole host of possibilities for whole-house connectivity.


Multi-room, multi-system management


Smart technology is meant to make living easier, not harder. The worst nightmare of any home owner is a complex environment full of switches and remote controllers, each needed for a different part of the house. Integrating several systems to operate via a central location means that several functions can be configured to be controlled by a single wall panel, remote, or a smartphone or tablet app.

This flexibility doesn’t just extend to full-room control; if properly applied, the house can be set up so that multiple areas or even the whole house can be transformed by a single button. There are many ways that this could be used to make occupants’ lives easier, such as having a button by the front door that turns off all of the lights in the house before you leave.

Put simply, for a home that can support the connectivity needs of the modern family, by far the better option is to elect for a star-wired, integrated multi-room control system. A qualified AV specialist will be able to advise how this should be implemented and help devise how the technology will fit into the overall experience of the house.