It wants to control every element of your connected home experience; now, with a new version of its Pro system, Savant is becoming a more complete automation system for your residence. Able to be controlled from its all-in-one remote or using a tablet, phone or smart watch app, the latest update to Savant Pro furthers a homeowner’s ability to tailor their space to suit them.

As well as allowing users to control lighting systems, optimise the building’s temperature and monitor security systems, Savant Pro is designed to collate all of your home entertainment management into a single point of interaction. Whether you’re looking to play your favourite track in the conservatory or want to set up your living room for movie watching at the push of a button, Savant wants to be the interface that allows you to achieve this. 


Ringing the changes


The most obvious improvements that Savant has made in Version 8.0 lie in how it interacts with the music systems in your home. It has worked alongside Sonos to integrate the latter’s smart speaker system into Savant, creating a two-way communication channel between the two platforms. Native streaming via Autonomic has also been included, which means that Savant can be used to play music from any of the major audio streaming providers, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora and TuneIn.

The platform has also become more capable from a security perspective, with a link-up with Siedle that allows users to manage video intercom and access control systems from the manufacturer via Savant. Another welcome upgrade will be support for 4K video content, capabilities for which will be added to Savant’s video distribution portfolio in May.


Savant Pro Remote

Staying in control


Key to the Savant experience is the remote, which has been upgraded for Pro 8.0. The upgrade works in much the same way as earlier versions, with key buttons, a touchscreen and voice control. The latter remains limited, so anyone expecting a more sophisticated AI experience will be disappointed. The company has confirmed that it is looking into Amazon Echo support, so this may change in future updates.

User interaction with the control app has been redefined, with a greater emphasis on accessibility than before. The home screen has been redesigned to make it quicker to ascertain the status of individual elements, while efforts have been made throughout to reduce the amount of button clicks required to navigate through various functions.