All of your possessions are important, but some possessions are more important than others. While devices for keeping track of important items such as house keys are hardly new, a crowdfunding campaign from MetaSensor has introduced a tiny, portable unit that ensures your most precious belongings are safe from harm.


Home monitoring just became smarter


Where the Sensor-1 system differs from your standard Bluetooth key finder is in its versatility. It can be placed on sensitive documents and important possessions, or attached to a door or wall to monitor nearby motion. Once triggered, the gadget immediately sends a notification to the user, alerting them that movement has been detected nearby.

The device response can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the owner. A high volume siren can be set to start when motion is detected, while a stealth mode can be selected whereby the in-built LEDs do not illuminate when an alert is sent. Even better, Sensor-1 can be set to disarm when the owner comes within a certain distance and then reactivate when they are no longer present.


Security for any surface


Sensor-1 works by detecting motion and orientation changes in real-time through a variety of 3-axis sensors, which means that it can be placed anywhere and will function at any angle. The creators recommend that a maximum of seven devices can be connected to a single smartphone, which means that several items or zones can be monitored simultaneously.

Crucially, Sensor-1 operates independently of its mobile app and will continue to measure motion when out of range, although it does require a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to update and send information to the user. If it is taken out of range, for example in the case of theft, the device will register its last known location and notify your smartphone.

As it stands, both iOS and Apple Watch platforms are supported by Sensor-1, while an Android app is in development and is expected to become available by the end of this year. The unit is currently available for pre-order via the company’s crowdfunding page.

While the Sensor-1 will not replace a dedicated home security system, it is ideal for use with prized possessions or important files that must be protected at all costs.