When our client wanted to completely refurbish the top-floor executive offices of their central headquarters, they turned to Andrew Lucas London to provide an elegant, sophisticated smart office with intelligence that flowed seamlessly between rooms.

A large and successful media company based in a European capital, they needed a state-of-the-art boardroom filled with modern smart building conveniences that would enable close collaboration and idea sharing in meetings. At the same time, the solution needed to be simple enough to use that anyone who entered the room would instantly know how everything worked.

Andrew Lucas smart building office conference

Every aspect of the conference room has been purposely designed to make collaborative working incredibly simple. The centrepiece is undoubtedly the grand wooden table which dominates the room. There is no need to hunt for ports and sockets for your computer; these rise up from the centre of the table, thanks to a custom-designed mechanism that can be easily controlled from the tablet interface.

Andrew Lucas smart building office videoconferencing

Andrew Lucas smart building office screens

 A Cisco videoconferencing set-up – complete with an adjustable camera and a dedicated microphone system – makes this space suitable for remote meetings with clients and partners, whether individual, or in a group of any size. Presentations are appreciably enriched with two premium 84” flat screen displays and the strategic placement of in-furniture speakers around the room for a full surround-sound effect.

Across the offices, Lutron motorised shades are employed along with intelligent lighting. Various scenarios were envisioned and provisioned for with one-touch activation, enabling meetings to transition between various phases without needless interruptions.

Andrew Lucas London smart office

Andrew Lucas London smart office

In the directors’ offices, the technology remains out of sight until required. Table lifts are employed to provide easy access and elegant concealment of cables; meanwhile, audio zones and local AV receivers are paired with large-format screens to provide a perfect working environment that adapts to the task at hand. In the CEO’s office, Savant video tiling is also incorporated to allow simultaneous viewing of multiple content streams, while in-furniture speakers and subwoofers are also integrated. Together, these create a premium viewing experience.

Andrew Lucas London smart office reception

Throughout, everything has been configured to work as smoothly as possible. This extends to bespoke glass entry system panels – designed to blend seamlessly with the luxury interior design – and the reception itself, where employees can modify the content shown on the screens in the waiting area without needing to leave their desks. To ensure that each employee can work in maximum comfort, each room comes with individual climate control, which can be managed using either on-wall or in-app controls.

Andrew Lucas London smart office boardroom

This ultra-modern workplace was envisaged as a coexistence of premium design underpinned with stellar technology. In this environment, each system is geared towards both productivity and comfort without compromise – resulting in a building that truly is tailored to meet the specific professional requirements of its occupants. As subtle as it is spectacular, this installation precisely matches the superior form and innovative functionality desired by the client.


Technology used in this project:


Distributed video and audio

Intelligent lighting control

Discreet speakers

Videoconferencing system

Motorised shades

ID-based security system

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Custom control panels


Partner brands:




Middle Atlantic