This article is part of Andrew Lucas London's Complete Guide to the Smart Home series.

When it comes to planning out your dream home, it can be easy to overlook the technology you want to put into the property until after everything else is in place. Yet planning ahead can reap benefits, not least because organising this ahead of time will allow your technology to be better integrated into the fabric of your home.

Having a smart home installer involved every step of the way can also make the process a whole lot simpler. As well as installing your home technology systems and ensuring they work perfectly, a smart home specialist will advise you on the best platform for your property, help you design your smart home and be on hand when it's all completed in case anything goes awry.

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Smart Home Consultation

Stage One – Free Consultation

A smart home expert visits your home to discuss your needs and provides advice on the options available, along with a virtual reality tour of an Andrew Lucas show house.

Smart Home Estimate

Stage Two – Estimate

From this initial discussion, the entire project is costed up and a comprehensive breakdown of costs – including design, equipment and installation – is presented for your consideration.

Smart Home Design

Stage Three – Design

Once the basic framework for the smart home is established, the design team fills in the blanks and turns the idea into a reality, ensuring the various systems will work together flawlessly.

Smart Home Visualisation

Stage Four – Visualisation

For more complex or ambitious projects, a virtual reality experience is created so you can exactly see how your project will look once completed.

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Stages of a smart home project-01

Smart Home Preparation

Stage Five – Preparation

If the property needs to be wired, all cabling will be prepared, made-off into plugs and sockets and tested. Off-site, all of the equipment will be prepared for installation.

Smart Home Installation

Stage Six – Installation

Once the property has been plastered and the site is dust-free, all equipment, control systems, TVs and keypads will be installed.

Smart Home Testing

Stage Seven – Sign-off

All systems will be programmed and thoroughly tested to ensure they are working perfectly, before the project is signed off and an engineer walks you through how the system works.

Smart Home Aftercare

Stage Eight – Aftercare

A competent smart home specialist will offer support and maintenance contracts for any critical issues, fixes or updates that might be necessary in future.

When should I get a smart home specialist involved in my project?

The earlier you can get a home technology specialist involved in the design process, the easier it will be to incorporate smart technology into your home. An experienced smart home company will do more than merely specify and install your smart home technology. They will play an active role in the project, working alongside architects, interior designers and other parties to ensure that all systems dovetail neatly with the property’s design.