There is a huge number of technology options for the smart home, which offer significantly different levels of quality. This makes it paramount to pick the right equipment in order to ensure your new smart home will be both completely reliable and long-lasting.   

We work exclusively with well-established smart home manufacturers that have proven track records; this means we can guarantee that our installations will offer flawless performance for years to come.

Security is the lifeblood of Satel. From motion detection and flood and fire sensors to premium intruder alarms and control interfaces, Satel offers both wired and wireless solutions that are intuitive to use and protect your home from every threat imaginable

Specialising in lighting and climate management in the home, Lutron has long been associated with products of the highest quality and functionality. Its huge range of dimmers, shade controls and accessories means that Lutron is the perfect choice for many smart homes, from comfortable family residences to luxurious villas.

With a stellar reputation for control and automation technology, Crestron is known for its absolute reliability and excellent user experience. Its smart home control platform can integrate with every sub-system in the home, meaning an entire home can be managed through a touchscreen, keypad, remote or phone.

From its origins in the back of a Worthing electrical store, Bowers & Wilkins has grown to become a world-leader in premium audio solutions. From in-wall speakers to specialist floor-standing behemoths, B&W provides a range of speakers that not only sound beautiful, but fit smoothly into the contours of your home.

With more than 30 streaming services available, Sonos’ wireless home sound system allows you to stream what you want to hear anywhere in the house. Compatible with films, music and TV sources, Sonos gives you complete control of your audio, wherever you are.

When it comes to watching films at home, there’s nothing better. Capable of delivering cinema-quality 4K UHD films with HDR to your home and with the largest library of 4K content out there, Kaleidescape is the perfect companion for avid film watchers and cinephiles.

A UK-based manufacturer of plaster-in speakers, Amina specialises in great-sounding audio that is invisible to the naked eye. Its speakers use vibrational panel technology to produce sound in much the same way as a violin’s soundboard, producing audio that resonates beautifully while remaining out of sight in the walls.

Based on Z-Wave, Fibaro is a complete wireless solution for the smart home. With a number of sensors, switches and home hubs available, Fibaro allows you build a scalable home automation system that grows with your needs. It can be controlled remotely, allowing you to manage your home from anywhere.

Nest’s Thermostat learns your behaviour and heats your house intuitively, allowing you to save on your energy bills and stop worrying about keeping the house warm. With auto-scheduling and remote control, Nest puts you in complete control of your home’s heating.