Combining the sophisticated style of renowned architect Claudio Silvestrin with bespoke solutions from Andrew Lucas London, this spectacular 6-bedroom residence features invisible technology throughout. Each element, from plaster-in loudspeakers and screens hidden behind custom joinery, was carefully designed around the architect’s vision. This even extends to the home cinema, where an acoustically transparent screen and slim-form speaker units deliver a high-end viewing experience while keeping the technology out of sight.

Lighting was a particular challenge for this property, as no more than three lighting fixtures were permitted in each room. To counter this, each lighting scenes had to be carefully planned to ensure an adequate level of lux at all times of day. As each motorised shade needed to be recessed in the ceiling, yet no off-the-shelf solution was workable, a custom system had to be designed and fabricated off-site by Andrew Lucas. The result is a luxury property that makes full use of modern smart home technology, while preserving its beautiful minimalist ethos.

Technology used in this property:

Distributed video

Intelligent lighting control

Invisible loudspeakers

Custom control panels

Recessed window treatments


Partner brands:



Bowers & Wilkins