Continued Professional Development (CPDs)


Our CPD courses help architects and design professionals to better understand the possibilities and challenges of smart home and virtual reality technologies, and how they can best be integrated into their projects. 





Creating a home that’s right for you isn’t always easy. Finding the right partners to work with on a project can be tricky, while knowing exactly how to approach a smart home build can be daunting if you’re not a qualified home technology specialist.

Taking advantage of our consultancy services means that any project you undertake will be on the right track from concept to completion.


Our cONSULTANCy services


Maintenance and support


If you are not currently an Andrew Lucas client but would like to know more about our client care services, take a look at our Maintenance and Support packages via the link below.


maintenance and support


Project Recovery


We are on hand for when things go wrong, so whether you have a DIY project that has become more than you can handle or an installer has let you down, we are willing to take on the project and make sure you end up with a house that does everything you envisaged.

project recovery