Continued professional development (CPDs)


We frequently host CEDIA-, RIBA- and BIID-accredited CPD courses to help businesses based in Greater London increase their awareness of smart home technology and its possible applications.

If you are an architect or design professional interested in giving your team the benefit of an Andrew Lucas CPD, get in contact with us and we’ll arrange a suitable date to visit your offices.

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Current CPD courses available:

Integrated future-ready homes

Andrew Lucas Services Integrated future-ready homes

Virtual Reality in design 

Andrew Lucas Services Virtual Reality in design

The smart home is an exciting concept, yet the technology behind it can be daunting to design for and integrate into an architectural project. This CPD is designed to give you confidence and vocabulary for incorporating smart home systems within your project.  

As well as building your vocabulary, this session will talk you through the various smart home and low-voltage systems options available and explain how they can be integrated in a manner sensitive to your design.

(CEDIA/RIBA/BIID accredited)

This CPD course explains how virtual and augmented reality can both be used as design tools to add significant value to your projects, as well as the opportunity to experience the technology first-hand.

These virtual experiences have been used by professionals in several industries as proofing and collaboration tools, and well as to inspire clients and win business by providing a realistic virtual preview of how a project will look ahead of completion. 

Andrew Lucas Services CPD 4

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If you would like either of these sessions to be presented at your office by one of our team, please call us on +44 (0)208 222 6622 or fill in the form below and we can arrange a convenient date to visit.

NB Dates are limited, so you are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.