Maintenance and support

All of our smart homes are installed using latest-generation technology and built-in redundancy so that each property is as future ready as possible and can adapt to changing needs in the future.


While home automation is, by definition, able to perform largely independently of human involvement, all smart home systems benefit from a little care and attention now and again, helping them to perform better and ensuring the best possible experience for the home’s occupants.

We offer a number of service and maintenance contracts, both to our existing clients or those who have had their technology installed by a third-party. These agreements mean that, should something go wrong or a unit stop performing as it should, help is only ever a phone call away.


Health check and maintenance


Even if you don’t have an Andrew Lucas service contract, you can use our health check and maintenance service. These annual visits include:


  • Walk-through of the smart home and verification of all services
  • Router firmware check (and update if necessary)
  • AV source and display firmware check (and update if necessary)
  • Visual inspection of integrity of cabling infrastructure
  • Thermal management status verification
  • Cleaning of filters and equipment in AV and comms rack
  • Verification of remote batteries
  • UPS battery test
  • Test of reboot/power cycle functionality from UI – if applicable
  • Follow-up actions report

Maintenance & Support Packages







Remote connection

On-site visit

Support availability

Standard working hours (8am – 5pm)

Outside working hours

Proactive monitoring and maintenance

Internet connection

Networked device status

Flood sensing

AV rack temperature and humidity

Control processor HDD/memory utilisation

Tamper alerts

Annual health check and maintenance


4G internet back-up dongle

Guaranteed emergency response time – remote

8 hrs

4 hrs

2 hrs

Guaranteed emergency response time – on-site

24 hrs

8 hrs

4 hrs

Other benefits

Helpdesk reports

Annual review and system recommendations

Priority booking

Discount on billable services




Discount on system hardware upgrades

Liaison with service providers (eg ISPs)

Liaison with equipment manufacturers

Advance replacements

Annual THX video calibration of home cinema

Unconditional support

Included   Excluded     Billable

Additional information

  • Proactive monitoring equipment and back-up internet dongles provided by Andrew Lucas remain the property of Andrew Lucas and must be returned upon termination of the contract.
  • In cases where backup internet dongle usage is above the provider’s limits the extra data used shall be billed to the client separately.
  • Our SLA (service level agreement) terms & conditions apply. Response times shown apply only during business hours.
  • Advance replacements are subject to manufacturer availability.

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