Bespoke smart home service

Technology solutions for exceptional smart home projects

While our smart home packages are designed to fit seamlessly into homes of all configurations, we realise that some properties require a more bespoke touch. For this type of specialist work, our highly experienced 'special projects' team are on hand to design and install a home technology solution that fits perfectly into your dream home.

Highbury smart home design

A legacy of excellence

An Andrew Lucas installation has long been associated with homes of the utmost quality. Our experts and on-site team provide the steady hand in ensuring flawless results both in design and installation, from creating unique, flush-mounted faceplates to customised shading systems and adding future-readiness features for a property that will remain smart for years to come.

Experienced across the globe

As well as several luxury residences in London, our team have worked on incredible projects in the USA, Russia, the Middle East, and several European countries including Switzerland, Italy, France and Ireland. This international experience means that we are well-versed in dealing with the complications that arise during projects of this nature, including logistics, tax implications and cross-cultural differences.

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Bespoke Home Automation

Award-winning smart home design

Whether assimilated into a multi-purpose living space or a stand-alone room, our smart home solutions deliver technological excellence into the heart of our clients’ homes.  Our dedication to quality has been recognised by several industry awards bodies, while our work has been featured in both national and international press outlets for its innovation and originality.

Astute advice for extraordinary projects

Having worked with high-profile architects and multidisciplinary teams scattered around the world, we're able to provide expert design advice and technical consultancy to owners, architects, designers and developers on how best to create their desired luxury smart home.

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Bespoke Home Advice Extraordinary Projects

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To discuss how we can help you achieve the perfect smart home, simply fill in the form and one of our Special Projects team will be in contact.