Smarter systems that keep you and your home safe from harm

Intelligent security

An Andrew Lucas secure smart home is designed from the ground up to keep you as safe as possible. Our smart, scalable packages work to combat the threat of burglary and natural disasters, while automatically protecting your home when you're not around.

 Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Intelligent Security

A system that's truly safe

By selecting proven hardware from trusted security firms, we are able to guarantee a safe, reliable system that won’t let you down.

All of the sensors and alarm system components we supply are manufactured to strict Grade 2 and 3 standards, meaning your home can repel even a determined break-in attempt.

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Safe System

Intruder detection

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Intruder Detection

Know instantly if an unwanted guest is in your home with real-time updates if unexpected motion is detected in your home. With an interlinked network of motion sensors, you can protect your property, both inside and out.

Safeguard your home from leaks

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Leak Detection

Detection units inform you of water damage or localised flooding as it happens, helping you to identify and fix any problems before your home is badly affected by water damage. 

Instant notifications

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Instant Notification

Know as soon as something happens with intelligent fire and smoke detection. Protect your loved ones at all times with early warnings sent to your phone, allowing you to act quickly and get everyone to a safe place in the event of a fire in the building.

Every entrance covered

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Door Window Sensors

Prevent break-ins and burglaries with door and window sensors that trigger the home's alarm in the event of unauthorised entry. Vibration monitors protect safes and other secure storage areas by instantly warning you if someone attempts to force their way in.

Internal sounders

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Internal Sounders Sirens

A 120dB indoor internal sounder is loud enough to alert the whole household, as well as disorienting intruders and discouraging them from remaining on the premises.

Outdoor sirens

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Outdoor Sounders Sirens

Outside, a 120dB outdoor sounder emits noise at the same volume level as a speaker at a nightclub, acting as a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders and attracting the attention of neighbours and the general public when activated.

Detect smoke and fire

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Smoke Fire Detector Sensor

With combined heat and smoke detection, you'll know as soon as a localised fire breaks out, regardless of whether or not you're present in the property. With built-in signalling if the unit fails, you'll always know that your home is looking out for you.

Panic button

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Panic Button

A conveniently placed panic button allows you to quickly and easily trigger your home’s alarms, warding off intruders and alerting the authorities that a break-in is taking place.

Perimeter protection

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Perimeter Protection

Keep your whole property secured without worrying about your indoor alarms triggering in the middle of the night.

Tamper-proof perimeter security allows you to simply arm the external security controls and sleep well, knowing that you and your home are completely safe.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Emergency 24h Assistance Andrew Lucas offers round-the-clock monitoring and assistance so that, whenever something goes wrong, you are guaranteed support no matter the time of day.

Police and Fire service response can be integrated to ensure that you always receive the help you require, exactly when you need it.


When paired with Andrew Lucas' smart comfort packages, the property's security systems can be put into whole-house vacation mode. Certain automated features such as lighting are scheduled to activate at certain times to give the impression of occupancy.


Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Mockupancy

Indoor and outdoor cameras

Smart camera systems give you complete peace of mind with 24/7 surveillance that intelligently alerts you if something happens and allows you to review the footage to identify the threat.

Complete threat monitoring, no matter what the hour is.

Night vision mode

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Camersa Night Vision Mode

Identify intruders at all times of the day and night, thanks to security cameras that double up as infrared feeds.  

Remote access

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Cameras Remote Access

Strategically-placed indoor and outdoor cameras allow you to check up on your entire property in real-time, from anywhere or at any time, via your phone or computer.

Motion detection

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Cameras Motion Detection Sensor

Always know if someone is in the property with motion sensors embedded into the property's security cameras.

Cloud recording

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Cameras Cloud Recording

Real-time feeds are stored in the cloud, allowing you to go back and review any unauthorised access to your property and determine whether there is cause for concern or simply a false alarm.

Video doorbell

See who is outside your front door via a live video feed and grant them access automatically, or quickly confirm that you locked your front door through the Andrew Lucas app.

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Video Doorbell

Knock knock

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Video Doorbell Notification

Know who is at your front door even if you’re out in the garden with notifications direct to your mobile phone.

Motion detected

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Video Doorbell Motion Recognition

Motion recognition functionality begins to record video when triggered and notifies you, allowing you to see who is outside, track package deliveries, or identify unwanted visitors.

Complete communication

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Video Doorbell Two Way Communication

Two-way calling allows anyone located in the house to also call out as well as call in, making it simple for family members to check up on one another while they are out and about.

Access remotely

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Video Doorbell Remote Access

Allow people to enter the property from afar, so you'll never miss a delivery or have to hand out spare keys to cleaners and dog walkers.

Darkness? No problem

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Video Doorbell Late Night Vision

Identify any late night visitors thanks to built-in infrared functionality.

Control options

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Security Control Touch Screen

Touch-screen control

Both you and your family can quickly and simply secure your property and deal with threats, thanks to the intuitive navigation and simple functionality integrated into an all-in-one user interface.

Andrew Lucas Smart Home Overview Andrew Lucas App

Andrew Lucas app

Everything you need to manage your home’s security systems in your pocket. Instant notifications and direct access to your entry system meaning your whole home can be kept secure from your phone, wherever you might be.


Andrew Lucas Smart Home Overview Amazon Echo voice control

Alexa voice control

With Alexa built into your home, your security just became a whole lot smarter. Verbally activate the alarms on the way out of the door, or get Alexa to report on whether any windows or doors have been left open.



  • 7” or 4.3” capacitive touchscreen
  • Secure, encrypted connection
  • Scalable platform with up to 128/256 individual zones
  • Integration with other smart systems
  • Lighting, heating, shading and gate control integrated
  • Wired or wireless options

Indoor/Outdoor camera

    • Mains power connection
    • Built-in speaker and microphone
    • 1080p HD video quality
    • Night vision mode
    • 24/7 recording
    • 30 days cloud storage of footage
    • Instant alerts 

    Video doorbell

      • 1080p HD video quality
      • Two-way audio
      • Live feed streaming
      • Night vision mode
      • Multiple finish options


        • Touchscreen control
        • User-friendly mobile app
        • Individual user interfaces
        • Remote and local control
        • Voice integration with Amazon Echo
        • Presence simulation when homeowner absent
        • Perimeter protection
        • Quickly and easily set scenes


        • Three-year workmanship warranty

        Safety & Security

        • Manufactured to Grade 2 – 3 standard
        • 120dB outdoor sounder
        • 120dB indoor sounder
        • 24/7 monitoring and support service
        • Vacation mode
        • Integration with lighting
        • Emergency call functionality

        NB The above specs are for your convenience only and may vary depending on your system. To learn about the features and specifications of your system, please refer to the information provided as part of your estimate.

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