Virtual Reality Room

A new way to entertain

Virtual reality is the next step forward for watching and playing digital content – an immersive experience unlike anything you've tried before. Andrew Lucas unique VR Rooms put a thousand worlds at your fingertips for you to explore.

From exploring creepy abandoned houses to fighting off a horde of robots, playing a game has never felt so real. It's not just putting on a headset; it's stepping into a new world.

Immersion on a different level

A virtual reality room from Andrew Lucas is not your average off-the-shelf gaming set-up. High-end VR platforms and the latest gaming PCs come as standard, as well as unique room-scale tracking technology. These elements are combined with our long heritage of acoustic treatment, 3D audio and home automation to deliver a truly lifelike VR experience that you’ll struggle to tell apart from reality.

Andrew Lucas Virtual Reality Untethered experience

Untethered experience

A wireless, backpack-based experience allows you to move freely within the confines of a room without the risk of tripping over trailing cables.

Andrew Lucas Virtual Reality Multi user tracking

Multi-user tracking

State-of-the-art tracking technology allows multi-player gaming within the same room, with players able to see each other's location within the experience itself.

Andrew Lucas Virtual Reality Room-scale ensing

Room-scale sensing

Multiple sensors placed around the room makes it possible to use the whole room and maximises the amount of movement possible in-game.


Professional acoustic treatment


Our skilled engineers will map out your VR space perfectly and optimise your speaker set-up so that you can detect exactly where a sound is coming from, allowing you to make more accurate in-game decisions.


Surrounded by sound

While headsets capable of 3D audio effects are becoming more and more sophisticated, there is nothing quite like the real thing.

From rumbling bass to staccato gunfire, a fully-fledged 3D audio set-up makes virtual reality feel incredibly lifelike.

Andrew Lucas Virtual Reality Surrounded by sound

 Panic Room upgrade

For total peace of mind your virtual reality room can be fitted with extra technology to double up as an ultra-secure panic room, offering the ultimate protection for you and your family.

Andrew Lucas Virtual Reality Panic room upgrade


Secure doors

Blast-proof doors restricting access to your safe room keep out even the most determined attacker until assistance arrives.

Hidden camera

A hidden camera allows both you and the authorities to see what's going on outside the panic room and determine the level of threat faced.

Power backup

A reserve power supply means that you have a guaranteed power source, even if the rest of the house is plunged into darkness.

Separate phone line

Unconnected to the rest of the house, an independent line out allows for calling emergency services even if other telecoms have been cut off.

Biohazard detection

A biohazard protection system monitors air quality and filters out hazardous substances via the ventilation system.


Explore your VR Room in virtual reality – before it is built


All Andrew Lucas VR rooms are designed in virtual reality before they are constructed, allowing you to walk through the space and experiment with optional room finishes during the design phase.

This way, you can be sure that the gaming experience you end up with matches up with your desires.


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